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A return to live events

Live aid – How the dispersing of crowds has rekindled our passion for social interaction

A crowd of people at a concert with flashing lights
People power passion at live events.

Feeling the energy generated by a live audience has been in meagre supply for as long as we care to remember. But we may dare to dream, with the vaccination roll-out representing light at the end of the tunnel. Pilot sport and music events have been the trailblazers, paving the way for our ears to be treated once again en masse to the clank of the turnstiles, our eyes to be fixated on the safety curtain, and our noses to inquisitively enquire or be repulsed by the smell of event catering. With meticulous planning and our continued cooperation, the multi-coloured plastic seats of stadia and the more luxurious supporting structures of the dress circle will soon be once again inundated with our hindquarters. Join me as I take a trip down memory lane and relive ‘the good old days’ before rebooting the sat nav and planning new adventures.  

History revisited?

Interaction with fellow supporters, be it of the same team or the shared love for a particular sport, features prominently on the list of ‘things I’ve missed the most’. Bereft of those thought-provoking discussions about ‘the good of the game’ or listening to friends’ take on how our team should be lining up and why are as much a part of the entertainment industry’s fabric as the event itself. Online activities and events shown live on TV can only fill the void to a certain degree, especially when such encounters are played out in front of soulless arenas with an audience of empty seats.

Be it a sports match, festival, one-off music concert or inspirational talk by a prominent figure, social interaction and camaraderie with other human beings is a significant contributor to a fulfilled existence for many people.

Sharing that pre-event drink or being blessed with the opportunity to meet afterwards in a restaurant to chew over the fat is synonymous with our collective desire to air an impassioned opinion on that offside decision or our favourite band’s encore, and less so with a tardy review of after-match food.

Are we heading back to the future?

It is hoped with renewed vigour comes a continued awareness of social responsibility, adhering to the guidelines set. The return to our chosen positions in the stadium, re-acquainting ourselves with the festival tent that has been gathering dust in the shed and promise of the close proximity of human to stage will, I hope, be enough for us all.    

When the lights go out and it is safe to re-emerge from our COVID hibernation, my intention is to make a start Lewis Hamilton would be proud of.

Be it confirming my attendance at events deferred from 2020, or booking exciting new sporting and musical adventures, I intend to boldly go where no fan has gone before (well, certainly not in the last 18 months anyway!).

What events are you looking forward to attending when given the green light to do so?

Are there any events you have had to cancel or have deferred your tickets for?

Be it a pre-show drink or meeting in the clubhouse afterwards, I’d love to hear about your event rituals.

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