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If these are the answers, what is the question?

If these are the answers, what is the question?

What does the number 26 represent?

Just how good are you at general knowledge? Can you take value from hours spent playing Trivial Pursuit and the likes, and name that year in a flash?

Well, now’s your chance, as I present to you a rundown of events from one particular 12-month period.

Get those thinking caps on, as we are about to embark on our journey!

Year we go…

The Nintendo 64 was released.

Jerry Maguire and Trainspotting hit the cinemas.

America counted its lucky stars with the Atlanta Olympic Games and the first-ever Major League Soccer season.

Football fever swept over England as it prepared to host the showpiece European Championships.

A wave of euphoria at NASA as the Mars Global Surveyor was launched; and a wave of something rather less exciting on home shores as mad cow disease hit Britain and Princess Diana and Prince Charles officially divorced.

You guessed the year yet?

Spoiler alert

It was, of course, 1996.

While all these events were taking place, I was taking strides into the professional sphere of words…and there’s been no reunion, no comeback, or no remake since (there has, however, been some serious beats dropped by Wilko Wilkes. Be sure to check out the CRS Editorial rap for a catchy singalong).

Now into my 26th year of active editing, proofreading and copywriting, it is with immense pride I’m a trusted pair of hands to make words work.

If like the Spice Girls you Wannabe singing loud and proud, be sure to put your trust in an accredited professional who is recognised within the industry, and whose knowledge can save you time AND money.

Heed the advice of the Gallagher brothers from the same year and Don’t Look Back in Anger. Entrust your treasured work to an award-winning wordsmith with an Oasis of happy clients.

Your project brought to life

If you are writing a fiction or non-fiction book that needs editing and/or proofreading, or require website content, blogs or magazine features developing, overcome your Mission Impossible by getting in touch!

The many testimonials from happy clients may promote a Scream of delight, knowing you and your work are in safe hands. My competitive pricing will certainly not hold you to Ransom!

With the reveal having happened, it is likely time to apologise for the puns you’ve had to endure in this post. Though what more would you expect from a purveyor of words!

If general knowledge isn’t your thing and some of these references are lost on you, then there’s always Google, Netflix, Spotify etc. Check them out, you might like what you find.

For help, guidance and a free scoping of your project, let’s grab a coffee and chat. I promise to leave mention of 1996 at the door!

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