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Honouring Our Writers on National Authors’ Day

Honouring our writers on National Authors’ Day

A collage of pictures showing many books worked on by CRS Editorial.
Author and editor collaboration: A selection of books worked on by CRS Editorial.

To the wealth of talent whose imaginations run free for our enjoyment…

To the entrepreneurs who enable our learning…

1 November is yours to celebrate.

Celebrating excellence

National Authors’ Day is an opportunity to rejoice in your excellence; to take stock of the number of smiles you’ve created and the abundance of enlightenment you’ve facilitated.

An infinite number of works entertain, aid and assist us on a daily basis, enthralling us in adventure and taking us on journeys, with you as our guiding stars. 

Thank you!

To all the authors and budding authors out there, it is thanks to you that we are all able to enjoy a wonderful world of words.

National Authors’ Day is toasted annually on 1 November, though we can show our appreciation to these word wizards on any day of the year!

The above picture shows the books of some of the gifted wordsmiths I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with in recent times. 

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