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Rolling back the year (so far) – The importance of being thankful and celebrating the good times

Rolling back the year (so far) – The importance of being thankful and celebrating the good times

Craig Smith receiving the New Business of the Year award with one hand, whilst shaking the hand of the presenter of the award, Warren D'Souza.
The highlight of the first half of 2022 is being awarded New Business of the Year for the previous 12 months.

With the first half of 2022 fast-becoming a distant memory, let’s stress the importance of pausing for a moment, taking stock and charting progress made to date.

It is easy to forget the things that have gone, choosing instead to concentrate on the coming months. Time stands still for no person, though it is imperative we consider our achievements to date; achievements that could help shape our future direction.

So, join me as I review the first half of 2022 and look ahead with buoyancy to what may come next.

A positive spin despite a tumultuous start

We’ve had the heightened war in Ukraine, COVID-19 (yes, it is still with us) and sporadic heatwaves here in the UK. Things that have made the headlines and for which my thoughts go out to those affected. Many a coach and mindfulness module tell us ‘we can only control the controllables’, which is why the focus of this blog is to celebrate our achievements, commemorate those key milestones and look to the future with optimism.

Though I don’t altogether subscribe to the notion of Hamlet’s ‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so’ given the events happening around the world, I can certainly see the benefits of a rational and philosophical thought process such as this.

Indeed, in a world of endless breaking news, focusing on the positives around the globe is the perfect foundation for future development.

To begin the year – the very first day of it, in fact – doing an activity close to my heart set a benchmark for the days and months to follow, even if I didn’t know it at the time. Saturday 1 January meant parkrun. Fast-forward to the middle of the year and, thanks to attending most Saturday mornings, getting out in nature and releasing those endorphins, I’m now (at the time of writing) just 20 parkruns away from reaching 100!

There have also been those moments with family that can easily be taken for granted. Sporadic trips to the seaside; walks around local – and not so local – parks; meeting with friends to enjoy our favourite tipple on a sunny Saturday afternoon; immersing ourselves in sport, film and theatre. Though not a huge cinema goer, the first half of this year alone has brought enjoyment in the form of Jurassic World Dominion and Top Gun: Maverick (the nostalgia of detailing these two titles, thinking back to their predecessors, is not lost on me!).

Championing the Cornish cause

Without doubt, a personal highlight of 2022 to date has to be my inaugural visit to the delightful Cornwall. I’d heard so much about this place from family, books, website reviews and the gaggle of people (anyone know the collective term for many Cornish folk?) I have the pleasure of calling friends, as a result of the networking I’ve done since going self-employed in October 2020.

A week spent enjoying this picturesque, historic county brought joy to the heart (and the stomach!). From Newquay to Padstow, Tintagel to Land’s End, it seemed necessary to indulge in the renowned afternoon teas and scones, pasties and local brew. When in Rome and all that!

The best moment though was still to come.

And the winner is…

Thanks to my fantastic clients and those I have had the pleasure of calling colleagues throughout a career spanning over 25 years as an editor, proofreader and copywriter, I was delighted to collect my trophy after winning New Business of the Year 2021 at the Your Partnerships annual awards ceremony.

Being recognised for the work I have done is a humbling experience and only serves to feed my appetite and push on into the second half of the year. Like many of you I’m sure, I’ve so many ideas as to what I would like to come next; future directions I would like to travel; and new offers I would like to present to my clients, both existing and new.

In conclusion

As we continue to walk the path of 2022, count your blessings, enjoy your life and be thankful for what you have. Remember too to celebrate the good times. Although not every day may be your best, there will always be something positive to take from it.

For those currently awaiting the positives, I’ll leave you with the words of the legendary Captain Tom Moore:

‘Tomorrow will be a good day!’

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5 thoughts on “Rolling back the year (so far) – The importance of being thankful and celebrating the good times”

    1. Thanks for the tip, Edward! I’ll be sure to visit Cornwall again after such an enjoyable trip. Devon too, to experience their version of the cream tea.

  1. Very true Craig. We spend a lot of time mulling over things that we think of as “bad”. We should think equally on the “good” and to appreciate them fully.

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