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Lessons learnt – The importance of a maximum break in a year of new beginnings

Lessons learnt – The importance of a maximum break in a year of new beginnings

A trip to see the snooker provided the perfect downtime.

Though I tend not to make new year’s resolutions, one thing I am mindful of doing in 2023 is taking time-off and enjoying it to the full.

Early January saw an exciting visit to London to watch a sport close to my heart. It was fabulous to see masters of the baize in action.

Sport is one of my outlets; my passions – be it watching or playing. The whole experience of such a break has cued me up for another exciting year full of learning, client work, meeting people and thriving as a business owner.

Learning from the best

Here’s what the trip to Alexandra Palace reaffirmed for me:

Taking time out is good for body and mind.

Preparing for such a trip is akin to planning for the week ahead. Tickets, phone, wallet – check! Research, prep work, suitable environment for meetings – check!

Allowing sufficient time for travel is key. Nobody wants to be late, as what kind of impression does that create?!

Making it an occasion to remember

Immersing yourself in the event will make it a truly memorable occasion.

Compiling the working day and learning from every experience. Taking one ball at a time, yes, but with thought for what is next. There’s that planning again!

Framing your thinking in a positive way. Chalk down to experience what might have gone before and rise from your seat to take the table again.

A maximum break! Enjoyment, conversing and smiling are keys to a happy existence, both at work and during times of play.

Now, it’s your turn

What event do you have planned to prevent you from becoming snookered?

If there’s nothing in the calendar as yet, then my advice to you is to take a shot, get something booked in to look forward to, as it really can make a difference.

Have a great year!

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