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Why a proofreader is a valuable asset

Why a proofreader is a valuable asset – Examples that really should have been checked

Title page picture introducing examples of text that really should have been proofread.
Proofreading is a must as you only get one chance to make a first impression.

‘I don’t need a proofreader, I’ll get my team to check my work.’

Wish I had a pound for every time I have heard this in my career!

Only, team members aren’t always able to spot mistakes.

Employing a professional proofreader and editor to look over your work is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it is a show of strength! After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Join me as I yield my metaphorical red pen around the streets of my hometown.

Driving around the bend

So, if I was feeling flush and wanted to drive into town with a new set of wheels, would I choose this Mazda?

Apologies for the crude yellow arrow, this was to highlight the point on another presentation…but it does show where the error is.

It has arrived, or at least it should have!

Apostrophes take up little room!

A red Mazda car featuring white writing with a yellow arrow pointing to where an apostrophe should be placed.
This text should read ‘It’s arrived!’ The use of three exclamation marks is also questionable.

Where am I?

Whilst in ‘Leeds C I Y Centre’, I best find somewhere to park.

A sign that incorrectly reads 'Leeds C I Y Centre'.
Three words should explain the location, though there is a missing ‘t’ in ‘City’.

Am I in Leeds, England or Leeds, Alabama with this spelling of metre?

This maximum height sign is in Leeds, England but uses the US English spelling of 'meter'.
The inconsistency of signage. Picture taken in Leeds, England, though using US English.

Is there a remedy for retail therapy?

Time for some shopping.

I’ve got my eye on a fetching jumper with the name of my favourite place on it.

Or, maybe not!

A jumper showing the incorrect spelling of 'Colorado'.
The incorrect spelling of Colorado, as seen on this jumper in a high-street store.

(In)consistency and cleanliness

I need a wash after all this word filth!

Do I sanitise with an ‘s’ or sanitize with a ‘z’?

Two signs that are part of the same display but include different variants of the word 'sanitise'.
An example of an inconsistency concerning the word ‘sanitise’.

Raising a glass to a clever use of font size

Now here’s when words do make a sign…and I like it!

I wonder how many people have asked for a free pint at the bar?

An advertising board with a clever use of font size to portray a different message to the one written.
A clever use of font size that tells more than one story, depending on how it’s read.

If you don’t want to leave it to chance with your message, let’s chat about how I can ensure your words hit the mark.

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