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Is it me or you? – What to write to promote your business

Is it me or you? – What to write to promote your business

Your website copy needs to be fully understandable.

The words we use and how we structure our sentences to promote our business and interests can be the difference between a sale or a goodbye.

When writing promotional copy, it is crucial it resonates with the intended audience and entices people to want to find out more.

Written from the perspectives of a company CEO and employees, and considering the thought-process of a potential customer, discover the differences in how to promote your business and pick up tips that could transform your rate of return.  

Begin from within

As Company X&X embarked upon a new year, its team of directors and employees were motivated to enjoy a successful 12 months ahead.

‘Let’s really engage with our customers this year, find out the reasons why they are not as interested in our products as we all believe they should be, and look to make the most of new opportunities,’ the CEO said as she addressed the workforce.

‘How do we do that?’ voiced one staff member.

‘We are already giving them our best level of customer service,’ contributed another.

Question the process

This sentiment echoed around the shop floor as each sub-team of the workforce gave a look of puzzlement and nod of approval in equal measure.

Inclined to agree about the level of customer service – as many positive comments had been heard around town – the directors of Company X&X realised this was not the issue.

The potential of the organisation was there, ready and waiting to be unlocked. Not by making staff do extra hours to hopefully make up for the shortage of custom, but by addressing something that was right under the company’s nose, all along.

Write to entice

Company X&X’s website copy was not aimed at enriching the visitor’s experience; it didn’t offer any solution to their problem.

Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective client for a moment. Which style of writing would you engage with the most, and which company would you want to interact with as a result?

Example A:

Company X&X does everything imaginable. We find the business by searching where other companies do not. We list FTSE 100 organisations among our clients. We are the market leader in our sector.

Example B:

How do you attract business? Where do your most promising leads come from? Here at Company X&X, you are the most important people to us. That is why we want to introduce you to ways of working that you may not have considered, to help you reach your targets. We would love to have a chat and hear about your experiences.

Do you see the differences?

I’ve worked on real-life examples of Company X&X, where the people tasked with commissioning website copy have rejoiced upon finding that all-important solution – the services of someone who is able to right the wrongs and help in the quest for customer engagement and exploration of new adventures.

If this sounds of interest to you, then let’s chat.

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