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SBS success for CRS – A business milestone two years in

SBS success for CRS – A business milestone two years in

CRS Editorial is an #SBS winner.

As the mantra dictates, ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again’.

These words ring true as I celebrate having been chosen by Theo Paphitis and his team as a Small Business Sunday (#SBS) winner on the eve of my second business birthday.

Having joined the strong band of entrants a few times previously, I again entered with desire, enthusiasm and a hope I would be picked to join this supportive environment.

Lo and behold, at the start of September 2022, I was chosen as a winner!

Cherished recognition

I cannot help but smile every time I think about how I looked at my phone on the Monday evening after the announcement was made. At first, I wondered why I had so many notifications and new follower requests on Twitter!

I’m usually one who cannot resist looking at my phone, though had promised myself I would take timeout to refresh and recharge – I was, after all, away in beautiful Northumberland at the start of a four-day holiday.

The trip away both refreshed and recharged – idyllic scenery and air will do that – though the significant shot in the arm the #SBS win will give my business served as additional reinvigoration.

Like for many of us, the last few years have presented significant challenges, not least redundancy from a position held for 15 years. Though choosing to look for the positives, without redundancy from an employed position I would not have gone self-employed and set up CRS Editorial when I did. Recalling the tough times makes achievements such as this #SBS recognition all the sweeter.  

A heartfelt thank you

As you read this, I am likely still riding the crest of a wave, recognising that acknowledgement from such a successful entrepreneur could be of significant benefit to my business.

Hard work can only take you so far, and despite being a sole trader I have learnt I am not alone.

A huge thank you to all the amazing people for their help and kindness in the first two years of business. From being chosen as an #SBS winner (I’m still blown away by this!); to the fantastic messages of support from friends and family; to the hundreds of inspirational people I have met on networking events; and, most of all, to the magnificent individuals and organisations I am proud to call clients…thank you!

I’m excited to see what the next two years (and beyond) will bring. One thing is for sure, as an #SBS winner I cannot wait to attend the annual event and meet as many people as possible!

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